I have FINISHED my Basic Photography course, what happens now?
After you have completed your Basic Course, you can join our Intermediate Course, Landscape Workshop or start assisting a professional photographer. This will help build your confidence and skill, grow your portfolio and put into practice what you have learnt in the Basic Course. It is all about practice and some more practice, so just keep shooting and always feel free to post your pictures on our Facebook page for feedback :-)

What CAMERA do I need or buy for the course?
You will need a Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera. Depending on your budget and how far you would like to take your photography will determine your buy. If you would like to take up photography as a career, a professional DSLR is advisable, otherwise you can look at the entry-level or mid-range level DSLR’s. Ask your nearest photo dealer to show you the options available in your price range and once you have decided on a model, shop around to find the best deal.

When can I BOOK onto a course?
You can book onto our courses at anytime! Note that courses are structured over terms or seven weeks, and you will only be allowed to join up for a new course. PLEASE make sure that there is space available on the specific course before paying your deposit.

What are the BANKING details?
Standard Bank
Acc. name: Fast Forward
Acc. no: 070365857
Acc. type: Cheque
Branch code: 020009
Reference: your name & surname

When do I need to PAY for my course?
We will wait until we have received our minimum amount of enrollments for a specific course and then send all the students on the enrollment list an email to let them know they can proceed with paying the deposit to secure their spot. We will not give your spot away if you have enrolled with all your details for a specific course.

Must I have previous photographic EXPERIENCE?
Not at all! The Instructors on our beginner’s courses take it very slow. Students are encouraged to ask lots of questions and we like to keep the classes to a maximum of 13 students to ensure individual attention.

I am new to TOWN, will I be able to make new FRIENDS?
Yes! One of the wonderful qualities of Fast Forward is the amazing friendships and relationships that develop during the course. We encourage hanging out after workshops or going for coffee to discuss the work etc.

How many PEOPLE are in a class?
As a rule of thumb we try to have a maximum of 13 people. We do not offer a course if there’s not at least 7 people who have enrolled. Sometimes courses will be cancelled if there is not sufficient attendance, but you will be notified about this in advance and a full refund will be given if a payment has been made.

Am I eligible for a REFUND?
Refunds will only be given to a student who notifies Fast Forward within 2 weeks before commencement of a course.

I have booked and paid for a course awhile back, but now am UNABLE TO ATTEND this term. What options are available to me?
Sometimes, people pay and enrol for a course, but because of unforeseeable circumstances can not attend the course anymore. In these kinds of situations we will move you over to the course for the following term at a small admin fee. Please email/phone us with your query. You can also get a friend or family member to take over your booking on your behalf with prior arrangement with Fast Forward.

What happens if I MISS a week or two of lessons?
We know that unforeseen things happen and our lecturers are happy to schedule a catch-up session at R400 per lesson. This will take place at the lecturer’s home and at a pre-arranged time.
In some cases we may arrange for the Instructor to be at class 10 minutes before the time to show you what was done the previous week. We do however encourage you strongly to make the classes priority as they are all really important :-)

Does the same INSTRUCTOR run the whole course during a term?
We have 3 or 4 instructors that are all specialists in certain genres of photography. We usually have a maximum of 3 lecturers per course to give students a nice variety of different strengths and skill. As most of our Instructors have other full-time day jobs, sometimes they are unable to attend a class and we will arrange cover for that specific class by another lecturer. We try to keep this to a minimum and when possible your lecturer will give you ample notice and information on the lecturer who will cover his/her class.

What happens if I fall ILL?
If you fall ill and you feel well enough it would be great if you could still attend the class. This will allow you not to get too far behind for when you feel better.
If you are really too sick to attend the class, we would advise you to read through the lesson and perhaps write down some things that you don’t understand and ask the lecturer at the end of the following class.