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    “This course has been excellent, totally the money’s worth. I have learnt so much, I have been inspired, informed and encouraged to put my new skills to the test and I have had so much fun in the process!”
    Kirsty du Plessis

    A relaxed learning environment that promotes creativity and knowledge at the same time”
    Jamie Gottschalk

    “I got so excited whenever I learnt to do something new with my camera or found out how to use a setting properly, I could almost see the light bulbs above my head go on as things started to make sense! I look forward to learning more from you in the future!”
    Ashanti van der Walt

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    I enjoyed the course a lot! Well organised, informative and fun!”
    Tessa Burr

    “I would describe it as fun, adventurous, interesting, inspiring!”
    Fatimah Tape

    “Perfect for just about anyone who loves photography! Awesome, relaxing atmosphere, the essential place to go after a stressful day at work!”
    Dillon Brown

    “I absolutely loved this course and could definitely recommend it to anyone who always wanted to do a course in photography. Can’t wait to do the intermediate course! I have learnt so much in such a short space of time!”
    Angelique de Villiers

    “A fabulous course for beginner photographers, or anyone who wants to brush up their skills”
    Tara Swart

    “A must for any beginner photographer!”
    Sarine Muller

    “Loved each class, really fun & if I could do it again I would!”

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    “I absolutely loved how practical and hands-on the course was, most of all it was fun!”
    Parveen Noordien

    “An awesome experience! A new way of seeing Cape Town”
    Nina Sylvanus

    “Excellent value for money with no sacrifice of quality! I was actually wondering how you did it…”
    Gary Mathews

    “Very, very well planned; a lot of care went into this, thanks!”
    Liana Rautenbach

    “Absolutely fun-filled, informative, relaxing”
    Rushda Toffar

    “This course was efficient, fun, helpful, I really enjoyed it alot. Would recommend to everyone!”
    Karmen Kotze

    “Educational & empowering. Allows me to look at things differently”
    Raqs Gheewala

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    “A fantastic way to learn how to take amazing pictures. This was such a fun course!”
    Kristy Magner

    “An enriching creative experience that I have loved!”
    Lee-Anne Lotz

    “A must do for everyone with a good camera and no experience!”

    An extraordinary experience. It was amazing how much I have learnt in such a short time.”
    Alina Warner

    “This course is an absolute must if you’re getting into photography or have an SLR
    Kirsten Sokolovski

    “The highlight of my week!”
    Lizette Vogel

    “A quality course to be recommended to anyone starting out”
    Gavin Stemmet

    “The best I have done to date!”
    Bruce Dawson

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    “An excellent course for any amateur photographer wanting to improve their technical skills. Definitely worth doing even if you think you know the basics! Mareli was great - good technical skills and a really nice teaching style””
    Bridget Henderson

    “Excellent Trainer”
    Allison Lynch

    “Something to look forward to every week!”
    Tessa Kidd

    “A mindblowing experience, cannot believe how much I have learnt!”
    Samantha Jackson

    “The course revolutionized my life as my camera is my third arm as it were and I can now use it to its full potential!”
    Michelle Rademan

    The course was practical, fun & inspiring. My confidence has grown considerably, thank you!”
    Jane Amory

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    “Couldn’t chose a better ‘teacher’! Fun & informative”
    Liane Roux

    “Inspiring, colourful, fun and not to be missed!”
    Nelri Botha

    “Having participated in this course, I would describe it as totally brilliant!”
    Angela Hausner

    “Creative, exciting & uplifting! The best thing I did this year!”
    Lynita Crofford

    “It was very practical, which helped us understand the theory. I loved the food shoot and portraits.”
    Lynne Lorse

    Energizing, exciting, interesting!”
    Rolandi Conradie

    Informative, extremely helpful, exciting!”
    Joyce Doggart

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    “I would describe the course as good for the soul”
    Ilhaam Peters

    The practicals were awesome, an experience I couldn’t get anywyere else!”
    Kerry o’Connor

    Great learning experience, lots of fun & a great teacher!”
    Michelle Kruger

    I am incredibly inspired to further my passion! This course has fueled the inner flame of wanting to become a professional photographer. It was inspiring, invigorating, fun & simply a dream come true!”
    Natalie Denovan

    Kristy Offerman

    Educational & fun! It opened my eyes to the world of photography, it’s more than just point and click and just pray. Now I know what to look for!”
    Gordon Wakefield